Join us September 26, 2020!

We’d love to trick you into joining us for the 26th running of this Iconic, Hell, MI event!

NEW TEAMS WELCOME!!!  If you can handle the dirt....


The 100K 5 person Relay has lots of great, honest trail running, laced with off trail Hell, dished up by mother nature. No gimmicky, man-made crap you find in an obstacle run. Trick 4 other folks into this nonsense, enter the team today, and we promise, they will be pissed off, get their butt’s kicked but in the end, they will love you for dragging them to Hell! No late Relay entry so get on it!




The 50 Mile and 50K ultra events are on Pure Michigan, runnable single track, gnarly trails! You won’t be disappointed.



We know you'll love these jobs!

A link to specific Dirt Crew shifts will open about a month before the event! Click on the flames to get notified when reg opens! We hope you can join us in HELL! The Dirt Crew is the place to be.....



This will give the answers to all your Dirty questions!

The dirt team is working day & night as we get closer to DWD Day. Our goal is to give you a running experience like no other. This race is more than special to all of us; it’s a passion, much like running itself.

2020 shirt and medal for hell web


This year's awesome technical shirt & medal! You MUST have one of these! 

The Dirt Crew just can't wait until September to drag your butt through Hell! This race will keep you wondering ... what was I thinking!

See ya in Hell!