Ultra Worksheet

# Name Start At Color to
Leg Length End At Cumulative
Miles at Aid
A ReAwakening Half Moon WHITE 6.1 Gosling Lake Access 6.1
B Limbo Gosling Lake Access WHITE 4.7 Hell Creek Ranch 10.8
C This Sucks Less Hell Creek Ranch BLUE 4.7 Jessica's Joint 15.6
D Stripper Pole Jessica's Joint YELLOW 3.8 Hell Creek Ranch 19.4
E Styx, River of Death Hell Creek Ranch PINK 3.2 Hell 22.6
F Bad Out of Hell Hell PINK 2.3 Silver Lake 24.9
G Poto Silver Lake PINK 6.1 Half Moon / 50K FINISH 31.0
H Abyss Half Moon PINK 5.1 Goodband Aid 36.1
I Vertigo Goodband Aid PINK 3.1 The Farm 39.2
J Barn Burner The Farm BLUE 3.7 The Farm 43.0
K Don't Get No Better The Farm PINK 2.8 Bartell Aid 45.8
L Glory! Bartell Aid PINK 4.2 Half Moon 50.0