OK; we're done fussing with the course and updating this. (Hah! Follow the trail markings and signs, not this; we sometimes have to change stuff, even on race day! This will be very close, however.)

 50M/50K Ultras  Team Relay

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Ultra Support Drive Instructions

ULTRA HANDLER DRIVE ROUTE Different from last year!

Please be prepared to assist the aid station staff while waiting for your runner to arrive. THANKS!

A – ReAwakening – Half Moon to Gosling Lake Access
       No support access

B – Limbo – Half Moon to Hell Creek Ranch


  • Exit (E) Half Moon parking to Hankerd             
  • Left (N) Hankerd/Glenbrook 1.8
  • Caution: Runners crossing road on Glenbrook & Patterson
  • Right (E) Patterson Lake Rd 1.1
  • (Buy stuff at Hell Store & IScream on the way by.)
  • Continue (E) Patterson Lake Road. 1.1
  • Left (N) Cedar Lake Road 0.1
  • Right into parking field across from Hell Creek Ranch. Walk over (follow flags) to aid station in ranch.

C – This Sucks – Hell Creek Ranch to Neilsen's Review
       No support access

D – Stripper Pole – Neilsen's Review to Hell Creek Ranch
       They’re coming back to the ranch now, continue to hang out.

E – Styx, River of Death – Hell Creek Ranch to Hell

F. Bad Out of Hell –  to Silver Lake

  • Exit (E) Patterson Lake. Rd. 1.0
  • Right (S) Toma 0.75
  • Right (W) Tiplady 0.25
  • Left (S) Dexter-Townhall to Park 1.6
  • Right (W) into Park to parking 0.7 - Caution: Runners crossing parking access

G – Potto - Silver Lake to Half Moon DWD HQ

  • Exit left (E) out of parking 0.7 - Caution: Runners crossing parking access and lot
  • Right (S) Dexter-Town Hall Road 1.1
  • Right (W) N. Territorial 1.6
  • Right (N) Hankerd Road 1.9 - Caution: Runners crossing Hankerd
  • Left (W) into parking lot of Half Moon

H - Abyss – Half Moon to Goodband Hole
I – Vertigo – Goodband Hole to The Farm

  • No support access at Goodband Hole; here's the route to The Farm
    • Exit Half Moon
    • Right (S) Hankerd Road 1.9
    • Right (W) North Territorial 3.6
    • (Buy stuff – North Lake Gas & Store (open))
    • Continue (W) North Territorial 0.1
    • Right (NW) on Joslyn Lake Rd 2.2
    • Left (W) into parking

J – Barn Burner
       Stay Down on The Farm

K - Don’t Get No Better – The Farm to Goodband Pass
L - Glory! – Goodband Pass to Half Moon

No Support Access at Goodband Pass; proceed directly to Half Moon from the Farm

  • Exit parking lot
  • Right (S) Joslyn Lake 2.2
  • (Buy stuff – North Lake Gas & Store)
  • Left (E) North Territorial Rd. 1.5
  • Left (N) Hankerd Rd. 1.8 - Caution runners on road!
  • Left Half Moon to finish