OK; we're done fussing with the course and updating this. (Hah! Follow the trail markings and signs, not this; we sometimes have to change stuff, even on race day! This will be very close, however.)

 50M/50K Ultras  Team Relay

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Ultra Special Instructions


All runners and sinners beware, the Devil says Hell closes at 1:30, based on 10 hour 50k pace.

Aid Stations - Thank the volunteers even if they seem clueless and intoxicated.

    • Mandatory Check-in (50M, 50K): Inform the Station volunteers that you have arrived; shout out your bib number to wake them up. It is vital that we record your race number.
    • Some aid stations are also an exchange point for the relay runners.
    • First Aid is available at all aid stations.
    • Special drinks, pretzels, bananas, oranges, PB&J, boiled potatoes and surprises!
    • Restroom facilities are varied.
    • Some have a phone, warm blankets and friendly people. Others may be miserable and lonely.
    • Thank the volunteers; they’ve been standing there since dawn or earlier.

Drop Bags (50M, 50K) Please, no black garbage bags, too easy to get put in trash!

    • The course is icky and nasty in places but ya just never know. By the way, you can replace your disgusting shoes at Running Fit!  Buy shoes at Running Fit! Runningfit.com, (shameless plug).
      Put anything you want on the course in the bag except weapons or valuables as we are not responsible for lost stuff. Ideas are shoes, socks, special food, Vaseline, scripture, TP and Head Goat Voodoo Doll.
    • AT START: Identify Drop Bag with your name & number or other identifiers. Deliver Drop Bag to the designated “Drop Bag Depot”.
    • AT EXCHANGE: Find bag in Live Drop Bag Depot When done and ready for shipment to finish, place in DROP DEAD BAG zone, (This has nothing to do with your mother-in-law!)  It will be taken to the finish. If not in Drop Dead zone, delivery could be delayed or require self-pickup at Aid Station.
    • AT FINISH: Dead bags and flashlights located in the Drop Dead Bag returned area.
    • Drop Bag locations
      • Hell – 22.6 miles, 50K & 50M – After the multiple River Styx crossings.
      • The Farm – 40 and 44 miles, 50M – After possible crappy muddy area.

Light Drop

    • Flashlights – Headlights: Recommended for 6:15 a.m. start in the dark. The tech reflective markers look like rodents shining tiny flashlights back at you, but you need a light. Two weeks later than pre-2011 so DARK for a LONGER TIME!
    • Light drop is at the second aid station (Hell Creek Ranch.) Place in Drop Dead Zone for return to finish line. Identify yours.

Event Switching

    • 50K & 50M decision point is at the 50K finish at HalfMoon HQ
    • You may voluntarily switch events until 2:15 p.m., the 50Mile cut-off.
    • NO CONTINUATION ON THE 50M COURSE AFTER 2:15. You will be placed in the 50k race.
    • 50K proceed through the finish line & stop. 50M proceed to Aid Station & continue.

Cut-Off Times: 50K 10 hour finish time.

  • All runners and sinners beware, the Devil says Hell closes at 1:30, based on 10 hour 50k pace.


Cut-Off Times: 50 Mile 13 hour finish time.

    • Mandatory 50K finish: Must complete Mile 31 and have started next section by 2:15 p.m. to continue on the 50 mile. Runner is scored as 50K finisher otherwise. (19 miles to go. You need to average 15.6 min/mile to finish 50 miles in 13 hours. 19 * 15.6 is 5 hours, so you need to start the last 19 by 2:15 to finish by 7:15 pm, the 13 hour cutoff.)
    • The Farm: Must have completed 43 miles and starting next Section by 5:00 p.m. to continue on the course.
    • Goodband Pass: Must have completed 45.8 miles and starting the last Section by 6:00 p.m. to continue on the course.
    • If allowed to start the last Section, you are allowed to finish unless it is determined to be unsafe.