OK; we're done fussing with the course and updating this. (Hah! Follow the trail markings and signs, not this; we sometimes have to change stuff, even on race day! This will be very close, however.)

 50M/50K Ultras  Team Relay

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Relay Drive Route

OK; these are good for 2018...

Safety is the key to a great Dirt experience. We prefer you get hurt on the trail instead of on the road or in a car. The drive route is generally the shortest route with the highest portion of paved roads and the least conflict (Not, “No Conflict!”!) with incoming vehicles and runners. Basic concepts:

  • Be on high watch for runners crossing the roads as they do bolt from the trails!
  • Follow the precise drive route
  • Be attentive to parking instructions from the exchange volunteers.
  • Stay in designated entrances, flow lanes and exits.
  • Use odometer – trip odometer.
  • Do not lay down behind the wheels of a vehicle in parking areas (Common and ugly!)
  • Drive route after your runner starts leg.

1. The Stampede - Half Moon to Half Moon

  • Stay at Half Moon

2. Buttslider - Half Moon to Silver Lake

  • If possible, leave your #5 Runner here at Half Moon, you'll be pressed to get back here after your #4 leaves Silver Lake.
  • Exit Half Moon (E) to Hankerd Caution: Confused/Lost runners maybe crossing Hankerd at exit
  • Right (S) Hankerd 1.9 miles
  • Left (E) N. Territorial 1.6
  • Left (N) Dexter-Town Hall 1.1
  • Left (W) Pinckney Rec. Area 0.6
  • Park in lower lot until full then upper lot

3. Rave Run – Silver Lake to Silver Lake

  • Stay at Silver Lake

4. Dirty Blond – Silver Lake to Half Moon

  • I hope your #5 is already at Half Moon...
  • Left (E) out of Pinckney Rec. Parking lot 0.5 Caution: Runners crossing parking access
  • Right (S) on Dexter-Town Hall Road 1.1
  • Right (W) on N. Territorial 1.6
  • Right (N) onto Hankerd Road 1.9
  • Left (W) into parking lot of Half Moon Exchange 4-5 is on parking side of HQ

5. Purgatory – Half Moon to Hell Creek Ranch

  • Hell Creek Ranch Parking map below
  • Exit (E) Half Moon to Hankerd
  • Left (N) Hankerd/Glenbrook 1.8 Caution: Runners cross Glenbrook & Patterson
  • Right (E) Patterson Lake Rd 2.1 Past Hell Store & IScream
  • Left (N) Cedar Lake Road 0.1 Caution: Runners wandering around on Cedar Lake Road; turn into parking off Cedar Lake Road before you hit them.
  • Right (E) into parking across from Ranch.
  • Signs to Exchange in NW corner of parking, to Exchange across street in Ranch; do not try to cross Cedar Lake by going out the vehicle entrance.

 HellCreekRanch Parking


6. This Sucks – Hell Creek Ranch to Neilsen's Rating
    *** Vehicle Exit SE corner of parking ***

  • Left (E) Patterson Lake Rd 1.0 miles Caution: Runners wandering around
  • Left (N) Toma 1.2 miles (Toma changes to Howell St)
  • Left (W) M-36 1.4 miles
  • Left (S) into Neilsen's
  • Shoe / Body Wash – Donate to Pinckney X-Country

7. Nookin' Futs – stay at Neilsen's Rating

8. Stripper Pole – Neilsen's Rating return to Hell Creek Ranch

  • Right (E) M-36 1.4 miles
  • Right (S) Howell St (Toma) 1.2 miles in downtown Pinckney
  • Right (W) Patterson Lake Rd 1.1 miles
  • Right (N) Cedar Lake Rd 0.1 miles Caution: Runners wandering around

9. Styx – Hell Creek Ranch to Silver Lake
*** Vehicle Exit SE corner of parking ***

  • Exit: Left (E) Patterson Lake. Rd. 1.0
  • Right (S) Toma 0.75
  • Right (W) Tiplady 0.25
  • Left (S) Dexter-Townhall to Park 1.6
  • Right (W) into Park to parking 0.7 Caution: Runners crossing parking access
  • Park in lower (first) lot by trail head until full, then upper lot

10. Naked Woodchopper - stay at Silver Lake

11. Potto – Silver Lake to Half Moon

  • Left (E) out of Pinckney Rec. Parking Lot 0.6 Caution: Runners crossing parking access and lot
  • Right (S) Dexter-Town Hall Road 1.1
  • Right (W) N. Territorial 1.6
  • Right (N) Hankerd Road 1.9 Caution: Runners crossing Hankerd
  • Left (W) into parking lot of Half Moon Exchange 9-10 is on parking side of HQ

12. Be Prepared - Half Moon to Scout Camp

  • Exit Half Moon, Right (S) Hankerd Road 1.9
  • Right (W) North Territorial 1.3
  • Right (NW) Hadley Rd. 0.7
  • Right (N) Goodband Rd 1.5   CAUTION: Runners on Road.
  • Left (W) Bartell Rd, 0.2 to Scout Camp, Right into parking

13. Vertigo – Scout Camp to The Farm

  • Right from Parking, Bartell Rd, 0.5 to Hadley   CAUTION: Runners on Road.
  • Left (S) 2.8 to North Territorial
  • Right (W) 0.1 to Joslyn Lake Rd
  • Right (N) 2.1 to The Farm, Left into Parking

14. Oh Brother, Where Are Thou? – The Farm to The Farm

  • Stay down on the Farm

15. Don’t Get No Better: Glory – The Farm to Half Moon Lake

  • Right (S) Joslyn Lake 2.1
  • Left (E) North Territorial 1.5  (North Lake Gas & Store is open)
  • Left (N) Hankerd Rd. 1.8 Caution runners on road!
  • Left Half Moon to team finish Join Runner to finish as Team