Pre-Dirt Runs

Yo Dirt Fans,

Friday, June 1, 2018
Livin’ Tooth, Fang and Claw Party at the Head Goat’s new Dirt Quarters on M-36 in Gregory … 7 miles west of his old swamp!

Bring a chair, the fire will be blazin', a great country band will be playin’ and pizza will be served around 7:45 PM ... and the hat passed (suggested a buck a slice and a buck a beer). We'll have a keg of Oberon and Absopure water, if that don't suit ya, bring yer own stash ...

Time: From 5:30 happy hour or whenever you git there, until you crawl out of camp!
6:30 PM start for the optional wild Turkey 10K or 3K. Both courses will stop in the pub for a shot of Turkey! Please leave a $Five on the bar!

RSVP HERE and let us know you will be comin' to party!